Semblance, Severance and the Intimacy of Language

Semblance, Severance, and the Intimacy of Language with Marissa Malik.

On the 26th of January 2019 we facilitated a language workshop with Marissa Malik at DIY Space for London.

The workshop focused around Marissa Malik's research, concerning how identity formation occurs amongst second generation people of colour, and the effects of language erasure (specifically the loss of mother tongues and ancestral tongues) in attempted assimilation.During the first part we read extracts from her essay Language Erasure: The loss of mother tongue(s) in diaspora and for the second part of the workshop, Marissa Malik + mother tongues facilitated an open discussion around our connections with language, identity and personal archives.

On the 21st of February we interviewed Marissa Malik for International Mother Language Day. Listen to us discuss her research on mother tongue(s) and find out some interesting facts about mercury and astrology in the audio link above.